Gymfinity Children’s Activity Center Celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary

(September 18, 2019; Fitchburg, WI)   Gymfinity Children’s Activity Center, located in Fitchburg, WI, celebrated its 20th Anniversary on September 4th.  Since its opening day in 1999, Gymfinity has been the activity home for over 25,000 kids. 
Gymfinity began exclusively teaching gymnastics classes including a class for children with special needs. They have since branched out to tumbling, trampoline, diving, pole vaulting, and Gymfinity Warrior, a take on the Ninja and obstacle course craze. Programs are currently offered for boys and girls from 2 years old to 21 years including the Gymfinity Gymnastics Team, which holds a long list of successes and wins, and travels around the country.  
Alongside classes, Gymfinity offers special events, like Parents Night Out, summer camps, school and daycare field trips, and birthday parties. This gives anyone in the community an opportunity to learn, play, and have fun. 
To celebrate the 20th anniversary, Gymfinity will be hosting it’s own birthday party on site (6300 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg), Sunday, October 6th from 1-4pm and everyone is welcome to attend.  
Gymfinity’s party will offer games and activities and allow kids to sample many of Gymfinity’s program options like trampolines, gymnastics, and ninja challenges. They’ll also have live music, including performances by Overture’s Rising Stars Finalist and Gymfinity athlete, Declan Killeen Toomey.  Food will also be available for sale.   
The event intends to raise funds for several global charities including Health in Harmony, an environmental organization, Classrooms of Hope, which provide temporary schools for areas affected by natural disasters and ChildAid to Eastern Europe, as well as two local charities picked by Gymfinity staff.  “Gymfinity has been lucky enough to play a part in the development of so many children locally,” says J Orkowski, Gymfinity’s owner, “We want to pay such good fortune forward around the world.”  

Gymfinity Children’s Activity Center 
6300 Nesbitt Rd. 
Fitchburg, WI 53719 

Media contact: 
Stephanie Christensen 
phone: 608-848-3547