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Gymfinity started as a gymnastics only club but has EVOLVED into the multi-sport venue we have today. We started our program in 1999 as a home for competitive gymnastics. Since then we have refined and revised our programs every year under our personal philosophy of Constant and Never Ending Improvement. We must be doing it right since Wisconsin has again chosen Gymfinity as one of the top clubs in the state for children’s gymnastics classes, competitive gymnastics and over-all gyms in Madison Wisconsin. We believe that children in our program have an opportunity to learn physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at every developmental step in gymnastics.


  • Gymnastics: voted BEST in Dane County
  • Birthday Parties: Voted BEST in Dane County
  • Dane County's favorite Ninja Kids gym
  • Competitive Teams that are Nationally ranked
  • Special Needs Gymnastics up to 21 years old