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ART House 360, Inc.

ART House 360, Inc.

Music / Arts Instruction

About Us

Guess what's coming to Dane County and the City of Verona in late 2024/early 2025!? A new multicultural arts destination place with a mission to provide messy, affordable studio space for all kinds of artists, nonprofits and educators and to create access for the entire community.

ART House 360 is building community wellbeing through the arts – visual arts such as drawing, painting, puppet-making, and performing arts such as dance, theater, music, and film. This community hub will be a place that helps bring together people from different backgrounds – families, individuals, youth, older adults, various cultures, diverse abilities – a place where ALL feel welcome.

We are at the very beginning stages of our work, with an initial focus on renovating downtown Verona’s historic schoolhouse at 401 W. Verona Ave. Once refurbished, we will be using the space as a place where the community can gather to engage in the arts and foster creativity individually and collectively, and support the cultivation of the arts in our communities.